Nubble from the Air

Keeping tabs on the weather forecast the day before, I could see the rain was due to end around 3:30 in the morning and the skies were to clear up by 10:00. Having a good feeling this forecast could lead to some dramatic skies around sunrise, I grabbed my camera equipment and drone and headed to Nubble to see what I could capture. After spending an hour on the rocks during sunrise, the lower level of clouds dissipated which allowed me enough clearance to get in the air and around the island. We’re all to familiar with the wonderful land view of Nubble, but few images show the ocean side of the island and lighthouse. This image was everything I had envisioned it to be. When I got in my car and drove away, I left with a huge smile knowing what I had not only captured on the rocks, but in the air as well!

Taken with: Typhoon H

Submitted By: Jason Baldwin

Instagram Name: @sharedperspectivesphotography