Amy Phillips, a Rockport Post Office worker, raises American Flag in the morning of 9/11, 2020

I took this photograph yesterday, on the morning of 9/11, of Amy Phillips, a post office worker in front of the Rockport post office. The post office has always been an important part of our lives. And it has become even more so in the recent past. We benefit daily from the selfless, kind, and genuine help from the people working there. They are part of our family in which we call community. In the afternoon of 9/10, I saw Stephen, the head of the Rockport post office, lowering the American flag at the end of the day. The light went on in my head. I asked, Stephen, would you like me to photograph you raising the American flag? The answer was yes. So we planned the photoshoot next morning at 8 am. After I photographed Stephen, a veteran post office worker who has been working at the post office for over 8 years, and in post offices in general for over 30 years, suggested me to photograph Amy as well. I said yes, absolutely. When Amy walked out of the post office toward me, the wind picked up, which resulted in this image. To me, it captured the hope, the dignity, the determination, and the integrity of the American people. Through Amy, an ordinary post office worker who loves her job by serving her community, and by raising the American Flag every day when she goes to work.

Submitted By: Ni Rong

Instagram Name: @rockportmaine