Coastal Caretaker


Matt Rosenberg isn’t just the Nubble Lighthouse keeper, but works as a high school English teacher and photographer too. He’s been taking photos of The Nubble since he was officially installed as keeper just three years ago. Here are photos that shine light on his life on the job.

1/ After the Storm

March 2013
After a big nor’easter which flooded the park and knocked out power to the island. The storm also destroyed the machine shed for the supply basket.

2/ Bell Buoy

July 2013
Fishing for mackerel at the bell buoy outside of York Harbor on a foggy day.

3/ Christmas Day

December 2013
Around Christmas with a fresh blanket of snow on the island at sunset.

4/ Gull Egg and Urchin

Treasures found on Nubble Island.

5/ I’m Awesome

Summer 2013
One of my favorite photos that I’ve ever taken.

6/ Montauk Daisies

Late summer, 2013
Looking out from Sohier Park at the lighthouse.

7/ Gull and Chick

Summer 2013
A gull with her chick, just two days old, early in the summer.

8 / Out of the Fog

Summer 2013
A day when the lighthouse had been in the fog until late afternoon, when it appeared for just a moment.

9/ Pink Reflection

Summer 2013
When pulling up the boat after a long day, I looked down and literally saw this photo at my feet.

10/ Rosa Rugosa

Summer 2013
The fragrant Rosa Rugosa blooming in the rocks of Sohier Park.

11/ Winter Reflection

Winter 2014
The muted colors of winter in reflection show a Nubble Lighthouse not often seen by the summer tourists.

To learn more about Matt’s life as a light keeper, watch our video.