Our Three Must-Watch Videos of 2014

We produced some two dozen videos this year, expanding on the stories in our magazine’s pages. Here (after much intra-staff squabbling) we’ve selected our three favorites. Two are poignant; one is playful. All three are very Maine.


[jwplayer player=”3″ mediaid=”9723″]

The Light Keeper

Meet Matt Rosenberg, the lighthouse keeper for the Nubble Light in York, Maine.
Created by Joe Carter Films. / Aerials by Eric Tremblay.

Why it’s a favorite: “If you’ve ever looked at a lighthouse and pondered, as I often did, whether lighthouse keepers still exist, then this video is for you. Stunning cinematography, a moving story, and (finally!) an answer to that long-tantalizing question.” — Laura Serino, digital editor


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Behind The Lens: Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village

Photographer Séan Alonzo Harris brought his 8×10 wooden field camera to Maine’s Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village to capture the three remaining Shakers, their surroundings, and their friends.
Video by Kevin Sennett.

Why it’s a favorite: “I was lucky enough to be on hand for one of the two days that Séan spent shooting around the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, and it was such a pleasure to watch him work. This video lets our readers see what I saw that day: A pro who knows how to make his subjects comfortable, yeah, but also just a really genuine guy with a clear passion and delight in his work. The smiles in this video (Séan’s and his subects’) say it all.” — Brian Kevin, associate editor


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Bangor’s Duck of Justice

Tens of thousands of fans, countless TV appearances, and now, a new corner office. But has all the fame gone to the Duck of Justice’s beak? In this exclusive interview, we found out how folks around the Bangor Police Department have been handling their social media mascot’s newfound notoriety.
Video by Kevin Sennett.

Why it’s a favorite: “When the Bangor Police made their inside jokes public, their Facebook page became an international hit. Who knew Maine cops had such a talent for deadpan humor? They took it to the next level in this hilarious video about their mascot, the Duck of Justice.”  — Virginia M. Wright, senior editor


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