Room With a View

For reasons reason cannot elucidate, some people in Bowdoinham keep guineas. They don’t eat them, can’t domesticate them, and have to feed and shelter them through the winter.

Pushing Open All the Window by Abbie Read

Collector’s Items

Abbie Read has a passion for found objects — and books and paper and paintings. This month, she’s bringing together her eclectic interests in ayears-in-the-making installation in Brunswick.

A carnival worker mans the Ferris wheel on the opening night of the Fryeburg Fair.

Show Business

After her husband died in 2013, Jeanette Gilmore took over Smokey’s Greater Shows, an institution on the Maine festival circuit. But in 50+ years of fairgrounds, Ferris wheels, and a fluctuating workforce, life on the midway hasn’t gotten any easier. Welcome to the carnival.

Bowdoin schooner sailing

North to Labrador

From our August 1991 issue: Braving iceburgs, the schooner ‘Bowdoin’ sailed 2,800 miles last summer along the route charted, by Admiral, Donald MacMillan on his twenty-six Arctic trips, 1924–54, in this venerable vessel.

fox alseep on tree stump

Room With a View

Before myth became history, did foxes consider the trade-offs involved and cast their fate with ours, then think better of it?