Rebecca Tripp

Injured Ring-billed Gull

My heart broke when I saw this gorgeous ring-billed gull at the Searsport pier, a clear victim of human indifference. This poor bird couldn’t…


Saw these beautiful seals (and many more) sunning themselves off the coast of Eastport.


Sammy was rescued from a dairy farm. In order for mothers to produce milk, they have to give birth, and since milk means money,…


Woodrow lives at a sanctuary for abused and neglected animals.


This is Max, a geriatric Belgian workhorse who was 1,000 lbs underweight when he was rescued. He now resides at a sanctuary, where he…

Snow Raven

Many loves in this photo. Crows and ravens are my favorite birds, green is my favorite color, and I absolutely love a snowy Maine…


The simplicity of this – a simple weathervane on a snowcapped roof standing stark against a brilliant blue sky – was beautiful to me.

Rear View

Many deer frequent the field behind my apartment, and I caught this one unawares.

Snowy Tree

This tree was so lovely, standing firm in the silence while the snow drifted down and gently sifted through its boughs, piling up around…

Doe on Alert

I’m so fortunate to have deer frequent the field behind my apartment.

White-tailed Deer

So grateful to have a large field behind my apartment, where deer make daily appearances.