Pemaquid Point

My family went for a road trip to Pemaquid Point on a cool, moody day. There was no sun but lots of surf. I…

Birch Island Sunset

After 80 mph winds and lightning strikes we had an AMAZING sunset on Birch Island.

Red Skies

My family and I have been spending the week on an island in Casco Bay. The sunsets have been more and more impressive each…

Dreaming of Summer

Can’t help but dream of warm days and nights spent with friends and family in Casco Bay. Is it Summer yet?

Maine Sunset

What’s better than a sunset in Maine? Not a whole lot.


Even on a gloomy, rainy day, Portland still has some excellent photo opportunities.

Last Sunset of the Season

I spent Columbus Day weekend on Birch Island in Casco Bay with family closing up our house for the season. The sunset was quite…

Birch Island

This picture was taken from the docks of Birch Island in Casco Bay on a calm and muggy night this past July. I thought…