Narraguagus Winter Rapids

The Narraguagus River is so beautiful all year long. But i love it when everything is white and the there is a blue sky.


Fresh Snow

This is a little park on the banks of the Narraguagus River in Cherryfield.


Ice Blocks

These are blocks of ice along the Narraguagus River in Cherryfield.


West Pond Sunset

This is West Pond in the Schoodic District of Acadia National Park. I often see people set up with easels and paints here.


Across The Yards

This is my front yard and the yards of two neighbors after a melt and thaw. We have our own skating pond!


Beals Island Buoys

I took this on Beals Island which is one of the prettiest spots on the down east coast.

Taking A Dip In Spring River Lake

With several lakes at my disposal, Spring River Lake is a favorite. It’s a beautiful lake with a great view and even a small beach.

Sunset At Pinkham Bay

Living in the Northern Coast of Maine, there are so many nooks and crannies to explore and photograph. Not only did this turn out…