Fog at First Sunlight

Three fishing boats at mooring as the suns first rays penetrate and burn off the tranquil morning fog on Johnson Bay. The island of…

Barn on Blueberry Barrens

An early morning fog renders soft saturated colors on this barn and shed, taken at local blueberry barrens on Boot Cove Road in Lubec.

Gnarled Tree Overlook

Twisted and gnarled shallow rooted balsam and white spruce stand hardy in their battle with the the wind, fog and salt spray on the…

Sailboat Columbine Moored On Johnson Bay

The sailboat “Columbine” moored with the island of Pope’s Folly and the fishing boat “Late Starter” as a backdrop on the reflective waters of…

Passing Through Lubec Narrows

In a coastal fog the sardine carrier Michael Eileen passes Mulholland Point Lighthouse located on Campabello Island, New Brunswick, Canada, just across Lubec Narrows…

Departure Before First Light

Captured at 5:07 a.m. well before first light a fishing boat heads out into the darkness from Wallace Cove in Lubec, Maine, then through…

Herring Carrier Emerges from the Fog

The vintage herring carrier “Capelco” emerges from the early morning fog as warm sunlight burns of the remaining haze on Johnson Bay, Lubec, Maine.

Sun Just Lifting

A shimmering sun and a lone bell buoy silhouetted against serene waters of the Bay of Fundy makes for a graphic and contrasting seascape.

Waves Crashing at Quoddy Bold Coast

Early morning sunlight lights the incoming surf crashing against the rocky bold coast of Down East Maine at Quoddy Head State Park in Lubec,…

Buoys Will Be Buoys

A colorful display of lobster bouys makes a unique design as well as a great nautical-themed New England pictorial.