Relic tractor at sunrise

A rusting tractor hulk with surrounding grasses silhouetted and highlighted by a rising sun in Lubec, Maine by Marty Saccone.

Smiling Daisies

Daisies basking in the warm late afternoon sunlight, Lubec, Maine by Marty Saccone

Sea and starscape at Schoodic Point

Milky Way sky with surf crashing onto Schoodic Point’s rocky coastline. Schoodic Point peninsula is the mainland portion of Acadia National Park located in…

Clam raker at Mowry Beach flats

Clam raker off Mowry Beach tidal flats with Lubec Channel (Sparkplug) Lighthouse and the fishing boat “Two Girls” as an interesting background, Lubec, Maine….

Autumn Birch Tapestry

The overlaying textures and colors of the birches and scattered leaves create an abstract tapestry feel, focusing on one draws attention to the other….

Autumn Birch

White Birch with surrounding Autumn colors in down east Maine. Autumn Birch by Marty Saccone, Lubec, Maine

Summer Fog at Old Smokehouse

The old herring smokehouse at Baileys Mistake in Trescott early on a Summer morning caught the morning fog quickly burning off during an almost…

Blueberry Barrens

During Autumn in Maine the blueberry barrens take on a stunning and colorful beauty all their own. The often forgotten display of saturated crimsons…

Late Autumn Maiden Grasses

Late Autumn renders the once green curving grasses of the Maiden Grass to a golden bronze while displaying feathery plumes that add an ornamental…

Autumn Leaves

Autumn color in down east Maine by Marty Saccone, Lubec, Maine