Mark Allen


Beach Hill View

Hiked the Beach Hill trail looking for wildlife and came over the rise to capture this perfect view..


Rockland Dawn

Im an early bird and love the peace during the morning sunrise. Working at Fisher Engineering I always pass by Rockland Harbor keeping an…

Rockland Breakwater

I noticed the weather was about to change as I was leaving work in Rockland. The breakwater would be the key spot to get…

Knotty Rowboat

There are a lot of true boatswain’s mates down here on these docks in Camden. This boat look like a teacher’s workbench to me.

Dinghy Rowboat

I pulled down into the back street parking lot at Camden Harbor and saw this amazing watercraft. The design and shape of this boat…

Field of Lupines

A stormy backdropped field full of multi colored Lupines in Jefferson Maine.

Night Light

4th of July Fireworks on the Damariscotta River as seen from the Newcastle side.


Sunrise behind the glowing clouds as seen from the Rockland Coast Guard Station. In the distance Rockland breakwater and light.

On The Docks

Late afternoon in Friendship Harbor. Clouds filtered dim light over the readied traps and buoys on the pier giving this picture almost a black and…