First Roach Pond, Kokadjo

7 degree morning with open water overflowing the dam at the west end, 6 miles upstream of Moosehead Lake.

Mount Kineo under the weather

March 15th, ide of March, around 11am at the public landing in Rockwood, set-up on Moosehead Lake and went for a black and white,…

My Blue Katahdin

Taken this morning from the East Outlet during the blue hour!

Mount Kineo in blowing snow!

Taken from Moosehead Lake this morning with a zoom lens on a tripod with side lighting and sun at my back, wind gusting, wore…


Misty Morning

Misty Morning, Sunrise Pond,Borestone Mountain, c. 2018 By Eric Johnsen


Mighty Katahdin

Before sunrise, as the colors shift from cold to warm, the mountain and the people of Maine wakeup… and the landscape photographer stands alone…on…