Jane Fairbrother

Nature ROCKS

Roaming about Wolf’s Neck Woods on the 4th. Natural Fireworks. Boom.

Guiding Light ~ day and night

I’ve just returned to Maine (yes I am one of those). Made my rounds today – I saw the Lobster Boat heading home thinking…

Rising Tide

I was wandering the waterfront during a very high tide. It was an unusually calm afternoon and without much wind – the water became…

Fishing Buddies

Fishing Buddies

One of my favorite places to roam about, especially at Low Tide. Pine Point Fisherman’s Co-Op.

annual flower show

Maine’s Annual Flower Show

Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I was out for a drive, checking out all my ‘places’. I came upon the Poppies – their color just ”whispered”…

It's really quite simple

It’s really quite simple

This photo was taken today – my photopage is TODAY’S CATCH. I really try to post one photo a day. I have just returned…