Bohemian Waxwing

Bohemian Waxwing

This photo was take February 26, 2015 as a flock of them arrived on my flowering crab tree for a few days. They also…

2017 Male Purple Finch 217-1

Male Purple Finch in Flight

Flying to the bird feeder, hoping to get a spot before the other finches. He didn’t make it on this pass but did on…

2017 Female Purple Finch-2

Female Purple Finch

Filling up on food after the latest snowstorm but it wasn’t easy getting a spot!

2017 Red Breasted Nuthatch

Red Breasted Nuthatch

A very interesting bird to watch, it’s hard to tell sometimes if they’re … coming or … going! This guy had the feeder all…

2017 Cardinal Feb 16

Cardinal in Snowy Backdrop

Just a beautiful sight when the cardinals are around, especially after a heavy snow. One of my many regular visitors here in Lisbon Falls.

Sunrise at Woodbury Pond

My daughter took this Saturday morning from their camp deck on Woodbury Pond in Litchfield. She didn’t go further than the deck, thankfully, because…

A Cooper’s Hawk Encounter

While taking in the walking path in Lisbon falls this past Saturday, along comes this bird flying right at me at eye level and…