Acadia Bog in Bloom

Water Lily’s and Purple Bladder Warts in bloom in a bog in Acadia National Park.

Cedar Waxwing

A cedar waxwing feeding on choke cherries on Mount Desert Island.

Red Squirrel

A red squirrel doing some housekeeping in Acadia National Park.

Water Lily

A water lily on Duck Pond in Acadia National Park.

Turkey Time

Visitors on our yard at Mount Desert Island.

Northern Parula Warbler

A Northern Parula Warbler in an apple tree on Mount Desert Island. They like the tree tops so are rarely seen. Fortunately this tree…

Hare Apparent

A curious Snowshoe Hare checks out my camera on Mount Desert Island.

Northern Flicker

A Northern Flicker leaving the nest box on Mount Desert Island.