Doug Gaudette

Bluebird 3-1

Bluebird posing

Another shot of the Bluebird. He appears to be posing.

coming in for my bath-1

Sharing the birdbath

The birds like the birdbath in the morning and in the evening. Oddly enough, not so much during the day. These two are sharing.

chip in the grass-1

Danger in the grass

Reading in the yard when I realize that I’m being stalking by a very dangerous creature. Really, could this little guy be any cuter?

Owl in April 4-1

Owl on roof

Another shot of this guy on the chimney.

Owl in April 1-1

Snowy Owl is back

Snowy Owl back in York. Checking out the ocean from the roof top.

Chickadee in bush-1

Chickadee in bush

This chubby little guy was hanging out waiting for his turn at the bird feeder.