Doug Gaudette

coming in for my bath-1

Sharing the birdbath

The birds like the birdbath in the morning and in the evening. Oddly enough, not so much during the day. These two are sharing.

Owl in April 4-1

Owl on roof

Another shot of this guy on the chimney.

Owl in April 1-1

Snowy Owl is back

Snowy Owl back in York. Checking out the ocean from the roof top.

Chickadee in bush-1

Chickadee in bush

This chubby little guy was hanging out waiting for his turn at the bird feeder.

sharing the feeder-1

Sharing the feeder

Black Cap and Female Cardinal enjoying the feeder on a snowy day.

sharing the feeder-1

Sharing the feeder

Female Cardinal and Chickadee share the black oil sunflower seeds during the snow storm,