Doug Gaudette

Bluebird 3-1

Bluebird in tree

Another shot of the bluebird. He came and left very quickly.

butterfly on yellow flower 2-1

Butterfly on a flower

Butterfly resting on a flower. Only have a few thus far, hoping for more as September moves along.


Bluebird hanging out

I have never seen a bluebird in our yard. This one showed up one day and was gone the next. I got lucky.

hummer at bee balm 10-1

Love the bee balm

Hovering over a bee balm. I’ve never see this many hummers in our backyard. They ignore the feeder nd lock into the bee balm.


Bluebird in tree

Spotted this Bluebird in our tree in York. I’ve never seen a Bluebird in our yard before, I hope he sticks around for a…

Bluebird 3-1

Bluebird posing

Another shot of the Bluebird. He appears to be posing.

coming in for my bath-1

Sharing the birdbath

The birds like the birdbath in the morning and in the evening. Oddly enough, not so much during the day. These two are sharing.

chip in the grass-1

Danger in the grass

Reading in the yard when I realize that I’m being stalking by a very dangerous creature. Really, could this little guy be any cuter?