Doug Gaudette

Hummingbird sticking tongue out

For some reason a lot of hummingbirds were hanging on branches and flower stems this summer. It made photographing them bit easier. This guy…

Bluebird 3-1

Bluebird in tree

Another shot of the bluebird. He came and left very quickly.

butterfly on yellow flower 2-1

Butterfly on a flower

Butterfly resting on a flower. Only have a few thus far, hoping for more as September moves along.


Bluebird hanging out

I have never seen a bluebird in our yard. This one showed up one day and was gone the next. I got lucky.

hummer at bee balm 10-1

Love the bee balm

Hovering over a bee balm. I’ve never see this many hummers in our backyard. They ignore the feeder nd lock into the bee balm.

Bluebird 3-1

Bluebird posing

Another shot of the Bluebird. He appears to be posing.


Bluebird in tree

Spotted this Bluebird in our tree in York. I’ve never seen a Bluebird in our yard before, I hope he sticks around for a…

chip in the grass-1

Danger in the grass

Reading in the yard when I realize that I’m being stalking by a very dangerous creature. Really, could this little guy be any cuter?