Cindy Joyce

June lup wm1[16614]


A beautiful summer’s day, in Bucks Harbor…..

light lups 1

“Classic” Maine

Lupines & a lighthouse!!….It doesn’t get more “Maine”, than this!!….West Quoddy Head Light……Lubec


Colors of Summer

Lupine season, is right around the corner!!…..A shot of blooms, in the Downeast area of Robbinston……

bent lupines

“Bent Beauty”

A field of wind blown lupines, in the Boyden Lake area of Robbinston

Mulholland Light - Lubec

Summer Light

A beautiful summer’s day in Lubec, looking toward Mulholland Light on Campobello Island, N.B. Canada

Gleason Cove apples 1

Fallen Fruit

Fallen apples cover the beach at Gleason Cove in Perry