Winter Ocean Point Sunset

I lived in Boothbay for 12 years and love coming to visit any time of the year. February sunsets are spectacular!


Where’s My Parachute?

Puffin landing on a rock on Machias Seal Island. Love the look on his face. Looks like he’s thinking, “I shouldn’t have skipped that…

Ocean Point Sea Smoke

Ocean Point Sea Smoke

I spent MLK Weekend at Ocean Point, Maine and as I opened the bedroom curtains I knew I had to go out to photograph…

Just Ducky

Just Ducky

Early morning sea smoke at Grimes Cove at Ocean Point, East Boothbay, Maine. Monday, January 15th.

Port Clyde Full Moon

Reflecting on a Full Moon

Full Moon Rising at Marshall Point Light on Tuesday, August 8th. I was all alone and the peacefulness was magical.

The Sky, The Sky

The Sky, The Sky

I spent 2 nights in Port Clyde to get sunrise/sunset photos at Marshall Point Lighthouse. The sky exploded with color on Tuesday night, August…

Pemaquid Sunrise

Sunrise at Pemaquid Light

I spent 2 nights in Pemaquid to get sunrise/sunset photos and was not disappointed. Here’s one of my favorite sunrise pics.

Resting in Peace

At Peace

A peaceful view in Colonial Pemaquid