lupines de

The lupines are back!

For some people specific things signify a change of seasons. For me the lupines yell “SUMMER!!!” It’s like they just blossomed overnight on this…

daddy bluebird

First bluebird of summer!

Some people are all about the swallows of Capistrano, but I get excited about the bluebirds of Maine! What a wonderful way to celebrate…

Maine barn

Red barn with flowers

This beautiful old barn in Cumberland Center no longer sees farm equipment coming and going. A variety of flowers have taken over the door…


The Clubhouse

You can still feel the spirits of kids who have played in this clubhouse. I found it just off the highway north of Vienna.

flying pond

Flying Pond calm

This may be only a 326-acre pond, but it certainly one of Maine’s most beautiful. Flying Pond stretches north and south along Vienna and…


Lake Auburn water lilies

You know summer has truly arrived when the water lilies begin to open! I found these in a boggy area off the east side…

Canton Lake lighthouse 101

Canton Lake lighthouse

Who knew that Canton had its own lighthouse? It doesn’t really serve as a lighthouse, but it is an unofficial symbol of the town.