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Longtime owners of the Desert of Maine put the tourist attraction on the market for $725,000. The swath of exposed glacial silt is the consequence of over-farming during the 19th century.


Bon Appetit named the Forest City its 2018 Restaurant City of the Year, citing a surfeit of creative, memorable eats, including from East Bayside’s Izakaya Minato, the subject of our dining column this month.

Maine News


Reade Brower, owner of six of Maine’s seven daily newspapers — all but the Bangor Daily News — now also owns 19 weeklies after adding the Ellsworth American and the Mount Desert Islander to his portfolio.


The winner of the Maine Lobster Festival’s Sea Goddess Pageant stepped down after photos emerged of her smoking marijuana and vaping. The Coronation Committee deemed the pics “not in keeping with the . . . image of the Maine Sea Goddess.”


At 1:22 a.m., a Massachusetts man was pulled over on I-95 using a cell phone as a headlight on his moped. The vehicle was hauled off, but troopers gave the driver a lift to his destination, another
70 miles away.


Amid ongoing complaints about a booming local squirrel population, one such critter damaged a protective device at a substation, cutting power to 3,000 homes.

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