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Bumpus Beryl at Maine Mineral & Gem Museum from The Story Board on Vimeo.


map of maine

1 Bethel

A two-ton beryl crystal that has been residing at the American Museum of Natural History in New York for decades was presented to the nascent Maine Mineral & Gem Museum. The beryl was originally part of a massive crystal discovered at Bumpus Quarry in Albany, Maine, in 1928.

2 Sedgwick

Locals and visitors complained to G.M. Allen & Son blueberry company when one of its subcontracted rakers, 55-year-old Marc Pelletier of Steuben, flew a Confederate flag at the field where he was picking. The Orland-based company requested Pelletier remove the flag, calling it a “hateful symbol.”

3 Fort Kent

A pair of ultrarunners from Virginia and Dallas launched what they intend to be a 2,400-mile run/walk along the length of U.S. Route 1. If all goes well, they hope to arrive in Key West, the route’s southern terminus, in early to mid-October.

4 Cornish

Plans for The Laughing Grass Inn, a three-week event at the Cornish Inn featuring cannabis edibles and pot-related activities, were snuffed out after the town passed a ban on retail marijuana.

5 Poland

Local equestrian Amanda Charlton Herbert, 25, rode 28 semi-wild horses across Mongolia to finish the Mongol Derby. One of 42 people from nine countries to start the 620-mile trek, Herbert finished in eight days.

6 Mars Hill

USDA Wildlife Services staffers flew over the region, dropping 351,000 doses of rabies vaccine bait-coated with fishmeal in an attempt to curb the spread of raccoon rabies.

7 Lewiston

L.L.Bean installed a $1 million injection molding machine in its newest manufacturing plant, boosting production capacity for its signature boot by more than a third. The company hopes the investment will put a stop to recent Bean boot backlogs.

It’s looking like this is more long-term trend than fad.

— Wall Street Journal fashion columnist Christina Binkley, talking to the Portland Press Herald about the enduring popularity of Bean boots.

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