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All Hallowell and Goods

Let Augusta have its big-box stores — the shops along Hallowell’s historic Water Street are an expo of the curious, cozy, and hyper-local.

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Best Places: Hallowell

We considered every one of Maine’s 494 cities, towns, and plantations and asked our hearts: which places would we most like to call home?

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Richmond, Maine

River Town

Off the beaten path, Richmond’s old-fashioned downtown is way ahead of the “shop local” trend.

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Feathers over Freeport

Birders flock to Bradbury Mountain and Wolfe’s Neck Woods during migration season along the coast. Two full-day affairs include guided bird walks, family crafts (birdhouse construction), flora strolls on park trails, and a night hike and bonfire on Saturday.

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Happy Hunting

When we launched last year’s inaugural Great Maine Scavenger Hunt, we weren’t sure anyone would even be ambitious/crazy enough to attempt it. We underestimated you.

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