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All Hallowell and Goods

Let Augusta have its big-box stores — the shops along Hallowell’s historic Water Street are an expo of the curious, cozy, and hyper-local.

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Best Places: Hallowell

We considered every one of Maine’s 494 cities, towns, and plantations and asked our hearts: which places would we most like to call home?

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Best of Maine
Travel & Play

We spend all year thinking about it and countless hours tabulating your votes for it. Our annual list of Maine’s best everything. How’d your favorites do?

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Maine's Best Breakfasts

Maine’s Best Breakfasts

We got up early and ate our way across the state to bring you this definitive list of Vacationland’s 30 most mouthwatering breakfast dishes — sweet to savory, traditional to oddball. This is how Maine does the most important meal of the day.

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Best of Maine – Readers’ Choice

Another year, another Down East Best of Maine Readers’ Choice poll. Some 5,000 of you cast a ballot this year, and you’re an opinionated bunch. The results include some newcomers in their categories and some stalwart shoo-ins that just can’t seem to lose.

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The Throwbacks, Vintage Baseball, Bob Hubbard 1

The Throwbacks

Vintage baseball might resemble a Colonial Williamsburg reenactment, but it’s a real sport, with real rules and regulations. Meet Maine’s Dirigo Vintage Base Ball Club.

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