2015 Reader Photo Contest

Pineland Farms, New Gloucester

It’s a nice state we have here, right? And it turns out Down East readers really know how to capture it. We asked for the photos that best represent your personal vision of Maine in four categories: action shots, portraits, wildlife photos, and landscapes. Then we turned your work over to four amazing judges: professional photographers Cig Harvey and Brian Fitzgerald, Aurora Photos stock agency content director Larry Westler, and Down East photo editor Mark Fleming. Together, they whittled more than a thousand (!) submissions down to these 12 superb shots, showcasing Maine’s singular character and profound natural beauty.

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Grand Prize: Landscape

Abigail Williams, Freeport, Maine

Winslow Park, Freeport
NikonD5200, 18–55mm

“When I go out to take photos, what draws me in are organic forms of nature and their relationship to humanity, so I let my eye lead me to the photograph. Winslow Park is a place I frequent. I enjoy going for walks along its trails and sitting on the park benches, taking in the beautiful scenery.”

Winslow Park, Freeport, Maine

2nd Place: Landscape

Alice Frati, Bangor, Maine

Marshall Point Light, Port Clyde
Canon 5D Mark II, 16mm

“Marshall Point is a unique area to capture the Milky Way because of the lights from the lighthouse. A quiet night on the rocks in summer makes it worth a sleepless night. I want to capture in the camera what I see and feel.”

Marshall Point Light, Port Clyde, Maine

3rd Place: Landscape

Richard Rockstroh, Colrain, Massachusetts

Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge, Steuben
Canon EOS Rebel T3i, 35–80mm

“The first time our family got a chance to venture north of Bar Harbor, we found beautiful and interesting landscapes on a grand and small scale. These wild Maine ‘dewberries’ are, of course, wild blueberries, ready to be picked by hand on Petit Manan’s Birch Point Trail.”

Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge, Steuben, Maine


Grand Prize: Portrait

Bill Trevaskis, North Haven, Maine

Canon AE-1, 24mm

“I live on the island of North Haven, where a large majority of my photographs are taken. It’s a wonderfully inspirational place, both in the landscape and the people. I enjoy shooting expansive landscapes and also shooting film, as for this portrait of boatbuilder Foy Brown.”

North Haven, Maine

2nd Place: Portrait

Zoe Reyes, Brunswick, Maine

Nikon D3200, 18–200mm

“I’m the daughter and granddaughter of advertising photographers, and I’ve been shooting since I was a teenager, with my father and grandfather’s mentorship. My method is to live life to the fullest and capture the light of moments that touch me using whatever camera I have available. I call this portrait ‘Snowfia.’ I captured it while enjoying the Maine winter with my daughter, Sofia.”

Portrait, Brunswick, Maine

3rd Place: Portrait

Sally Stevens, Ellicott City, Maryland

Canon 5D, 100–400mm

“My husband and I have a home on East Pond in Oakland and spend as much time there as possible. I’m a photography enthusiast and enjoy shooting wildlife, macro, and action — and my numerous grandchildren and other family members. Here, I photographed one of my granddaughters in a pensive moment on the lake.”

Portrait, Oakland, Maine


Grand Prize: Wildlife

Michele Barker, Hudson, Maine

Sandy Stream Pond, Baxter State Park
Canon 5D Mark III, 300mm

“I enjoy shooting early in the morning when the lighting is at its best and everything is awakening for the new day. Sandy Stream Pond in Baxter presents a beautiful scene all in itself. While photographing there one morning, a young bull moose made an appearance. Watching as it peacefully ate and walked through the scene was amazing.”

Sandy Stream Pond, Baxter State Park

2nd Place: Wildlife

Jonathan Woodbury, Raymond, Maine

Canon 6D, 24–70mm

“I’ve been doing photography off and on since the ’90s. Recently, after I bought my first DSLR, I’ve been taking photos of everything. I try to put an artistic spin on my photos by using shallow depth of field or shooting into the sun in the evening to give the photos more of a unique look. This porcupine was photographed in my front yard this summer.”

Porcupine, Raymond, Maine

3rd Place: Wildlife

Laura Zamfirescu, Monroe, Maine

Canon 7D Mark II, 100–600mm

“I consider myself an amateur wildlife photographer. I started about two years ago, after I received my first DSLR camera from my lovely husband on my birthday. Every year in May, when the alewives are running, the Warren fish ladder becomes crowded with eagles, cormorants, blue herons, and ospreys fishing — and photographers.”

Wildlife, Warren, Maine


Grand Prize: Action

Kaleigh Wood, Portland, Maine

Pineland Farms, New Gloucester
Canon 6D, 60mm

“This is a shot of my ski buddy skiing across fresh snow at Pineland Farms. I’m a fairly new photographer, and I really enjoy capturing people having fun outside. I like shooting wide landscapes, and I do my best to get my settings right, but it’s a lot of trial and error. When it comes down to it, I’m just happy when I successfully capture the moments happening around me as they naturally occur.”

Pineland Farms, New Gloucester, Maine

2nd Place: Action

Katie Zeigler, Walnut Creek, California

Heron Island, South Bristol
iPhone 6

“I am a writer and teacher, but every summer, I get to put my photographer’s hat on for a while. My family is lucky enough to have a summer house on Heron Island, where we spend three beautiful weeks. It’s a photography paradise. Around every corner is a frame-worthy subject.”

Heron Island, South Bristol, Maine

3rd Place: Action

G. Michael Brown, Warren, Maine

Crawford Pond, Union
Nikon D800, 24–70mm

“I’m a retired naval officer and live in Maine from May to October. I’m an avid photographer, and my other hobbies include gardening and hiking. I enjoy kayaking on the many lakes and ponds of the midcoast — the early morning calm offers time for peace, quiet, and reflection.”

Crawford Pond, Union, Maine

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