Full Moon


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Instagram Name: @efletch20

I wasn’t sure if there would be a break in the clouds to catch the full moon today. It was suppose to be totally overcast in the evening. I thought the best chance would be to go out in the morning. When I got up at 4am, I could see the moon peeking through the broken clouds. The sun was due to rise at 5:22 and the moon set would be at 5:34. I thought this would give me enough light for a one exposure photograph. No merging. When I arrived and setup at 5:06, the moon was shining brightly. Although the landscape was very dark I took a shot. The moon soon disappeared behind the clouds that were closing in very rapidly. I didn’t think I would get another chance. At 5:26. The moon broke out in a gap just before receding behind the cloud layer on the horizon. I managed to get this photo. Taken May 10, 2017 from Ferry Beach in Scarborough.