Fishing Boats

Coastal scenic of the fishing boats Logan Anne, Family Tradition, and Mic Mav in high key minimalism at mooring on Johnson Bay, Lubec, Maine,…


Dory and Mooring

Seemingly floating on air, a weathered dory, a mooring, and lobster buoy cast their reflections on the calm early morning waters of Stonington Harbor,…


Stacked Lobster Traps

Stack of lobster traps (also called pots) ready to load onto the fishing boat, be distributed to specific locations, baited up and dropped overboard…


Lobster Trap Ready to Go

Newly outfitted lobster trap awaiting an abundant season’s catch of tasty crustaceans from the depths of down east Maine’s cold ocean waters.


Savannah Sparrow

Photographed at Quoddy Head State Park in Lubec, Maine. The Savannah Sparrow is considered a threatened species, Its song is mixture of chirps and…


Light from Within

Warm incandescent light from within West Quoddy Head Lighthouse contrasts starkly with the cool full moonlight shining on this rustic brick structure located at…


Floating on a Cloud

A cormorant flies over the fishing boat “Simone & Rachel” which appears to be floating on clouds in this early morning scenic on the…


Radiant Sunrise Surf

Early morning surf crashing onto the bold coast rocky shoreline at Quoddy Head State Park, Lubec, Maine.


10 Below Zero Sea Smoke Conditions

Engulfed in sea smoke the fishing boats “Plum Crazi” (near) and the “Eastern Winds” (far). In 10 below zero temperatures the warmer tidal waters…


Corea Harbor, Maine 1973

The lobster boat “Joyce L” docked along side a pier in coastal Corea Harbor, Maine, August,1973. This was my first visit to Down East…


Coastal Stonington, Maine

Coastal scenic in Stonington, Maine taken from inside a tidal pond holding pen used in storing very large quantities of lobsters to keep them…


Snow Laden Forest

Snow covered woodlands in this forest scenic landscape, Trescott, Maine