2016 Catbird-1-3

A Familiar Pose

Catbirds love to flick their tails and show off. It’s also part of a mating ritual.  

2016 Catbird-1

Talkative Catbird

Another pair are residing here again this year.They are fascinating birds to watch.  

2015 Pinnacle Mtn W Paris 225-1

View from Pinnacle Mountain

View from the top of Pinnacle Mountain in West Paris. We never knew this mountain existed until we received an invitation to a wedding there….

2015 Cardinal 329-1

Cardinal Posing for Me

Taken in November on Lisbon Rd. in Lisbon while just passing time, and fortunate to have my camera.

2015 Chipmunk 257-1

Alvin the Chipmunk

This is the first time I’ve ever had a chance to catch a chipmunk. Taken at a friend’s house in November.

2015 Red Tailed Hawk 33-1

Red Tail Hawk

Taken last month along Route 9 near my house. It’s a location I normally get neat sunsets but this morning I got a pleasant…

2015 Pewee 14-1

A Rare Visitor

A Pewee in my backyard taken in May. My first sighting of one.

2015 Water Lily in Harpswell 182-1

White Floral

I have only seen a lily in two colors in frog ponds, pink and white, and I’m fortunate to have both close by. These…

2015 Fishing Before Orrs Island-1

Fishing – A Great Sport

Two boys experiencing a great sport among the lily pads just before Orr’s Island on the 4th of July..

2015 Harpswell Frog Pond 85-1

Harpswell Floral

Taken on the 4th of July on the way to Estes and just happened to catch the frog pond in full blossom. It’s a…