2015 Water Lily in Harpswell 182-1

White Floral

I have only seen a lily in two colors in frog ponds, pink and white, and I’m fortunate to have both close by. These…

2015 Harpswell Frog Pond 85-1

Harpswell Floral

Taken on the 4th of July on the way to Estes and just happened to catch the frog pond in full blossom. It’s a…

2015 RR Tracks in Lisbon Falls 18-1

An Era Gone By

Railroad tracks in Lisbon Falls which used to be a main connector for the Boston-Maine railroad in days gone by. “Stumbled” across this near…

2015 Milking Cow 152a-1

A Cow With a Question

While driving by Waterman’s farm in Sabattus recently I decided to stop, as the cows had just come out to feed. This one seemed…

2015 Catbirds 189-1

Two Catbirds

Feeding from my flowering crab tree, these two catbirds (the one flying is probably the female and the other is probably the male), are…

2015 Catbird 195-1

Looking For Food

Best time of the year. Flowering crab trees can attract some many different types of birds. This catbird has just jumped down from my…

2015 Blackburnian Warbler 148-1

Young Visitor

Best time of the year. Flowering crab trees can attract so many different types of birds. This bird had me going to my trusty…

2015 Early Flowering Crab 116-1

First Blossom

The first blossom of my four flowering trees. A slow start but I’m betting this will be a more colorful season than usual.

2015 Bleeding Hearts 04-1

Spring is here!

My bleeding hearts tell me spring is finally here. I cut it down every fall and the plant keeps getting fuller and fuller. You’ll…